Mississippi’s contributions to country music started long before Faith Hill topped the charts with “Mississippi Girl.” In fact, country music was born here by a Meridian native, the legendary Jimmie Rodgers. He later became known as the “Father of Country Music” and was called “the man who started it all” by the Country Music Hall of Fame.

With his original blend of gospel and the blues, Rogers started a genre and paved the way for all country music artists to follow. The Mississippi Country Music Trail justly begins with a marker in honor of Rodgers and expands across the state to recognize the many country artists, sites and events that have influenced the genre. For country music lovers, the trail showcases the history of country music in Mississippi in the most unforgettable way. Trace the steps of the “First Lady” of country music, Tammy Wynette, in the tiny town of Tremont, Mississippi. Follow the trail to Friars Point where you’ll find a marker commemorating the birthplace of Conway Twitty. Before he had 55 hit singles such as “Hello Darlin’” or “Slow Hand,” Twitty called this riverside town home. Markers for Marty Stuart, Charley Pride, Chris LeDoux and Bobbie Gentry, among many others, will further prove Mississippi’s incredible knack for churning out country music artists. Set out on the Country Music Trail to follow the paths these artists took to stardom.

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